Carol Slavid

Programme Secretary

Six years ago, Carol was going on an activity holiday in a Chateau in France as her husband wanted to do a course that would improve his French.  She looked at what was on offer and first thought she would do a French cooking class but decided she didn’t want to spend five hours of the day in a kitchen.  Then she saw the “Watercolours for all abilities ” course and thought “that sounds easy (she said yes she knows, don’t all shout at once!) and as it’s only for a week, it doesn’t really matter if I’m rubbish!”.  It also said mornings painting, afternoons either private tuition or lazing round the pool, which sounded tempting, so she signed up.  Carol said that she thinks she only went into the pool once!  She fell in love with painting straight away and to her sheer surprise and delight, she found she wasn’t “rubbish”!!    She said she has been making coloured marks on paper ever since.

Carol is now our Programme Secretary and has arranged some excellent demonstrators for our meetings for society members and visitors to enjoy.