Damon Poole

Committee Member

Damon has been drawing and painting for around ten years now and has been a member of the Society of Ruislip Artists for much of this time.

Damon likes to experiment with different media and styles, with subjects often influencing the medium used and vice versa.  His preferred media include pencil, watercolour and inks and he often mixes these to achieve a desired effect.

Whilst Damon tends to paint an eclectic range of subjects, those of particular interest to him include architecture (e.g. a series of pen and wash studies of 1930s Underground stations); animals (often in pastel); and aircraft.  With the latter in mind, Damon is an Associate of the Guild of Aviation Artists and has exhibited a number of times at their annual show at the Mall Galleries in London.

Damon is also a member of the Arbutus Group, a small group of local artists who paint and exhibit together.  He also produces greetings cards of many of his finished paintings.